The Manifesto

This is what the collective stands for

"The Women All Ride" - collective is standing up for women*
in the cycling world. This is our manifesto!

*With women we explicitly include women, inter-, non-binary-, trans- and a-gender people.

We are eight women from different generations united by an interest in cycling, feminism, diversity and empowerment. We are active in all areas: from bikepacking to fixed gear, from time trial to ultra distance, from bike touring to racing. Whether with family, in a team or solo, whether with a wattmeter or as a leisure cyclist Рwe all find it absolutely enriching to be on the bike. 

Some of us work professionally in the cycling industry, others come from completely different backgrounds. We all regularly appear in public on the subject of cycling and cycling sport. We use our diverse backgrounds and competences to create “The Women All Ride” collective. We are in the process of doing this and have set ourselves the goal of becoming even more diverse in our composition.

Why "the Women all Ride"?

We founded our collective to contribute to the equal representation of women in the cycling world and to gain positive, equal media attention in which we have our say with all our strengths and competences.

1. We want to put women in the spotlight in all their diversity.

2. We want to be role models and show that together we can achieve a lot.

3. We want to bring together and inspire women interested in cycling. Finding like-minded people, connecting existing groups and building new networks is one of our main concerns. Within this context, we organise joint rides and offer a platform as a collective.

4. On our channels we share our knowledge and experience about cycling, equipment, events, training, bike set-up, repairs and riding technique. We share reports on our experiences with equipment and events.

5. We want to use great examples to encourage other women to push boundaries.

6. We want to reveal obstacles in cycling and in the industry and help to break them down.

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Together we want to enjoy cycling, learn more about ourselves and each other, experience new things, spread courage and self-efficacy and support each other in all of this.

You want to be part of this?

After reading our manifesto, you know that you want to and can contribute to The Women All Ride collective?

We look forward to your feedback or article ideas!

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