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How do you actually…? In our How to section, you’ll find insider information from the collective and reports on experiences around the bicycle.

Pedals with click shoes on the bike
Bikepacking & Touring
Wiebke Lühmann

Click or flat pedals?

In search of the right pedal This much is certain: pedals belong to every bike. Whether click or platform pedals – that is the question here. Which one you choose is up to you. What

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sunrise over a field
Bikepacking & Touring
Eva Ullrich

How to: Your first bicycle night ride

How to: Your first bicycle night ride In this post, Eva talks about cycling at night and a first bicycle night ride. She shares tips and tricks from equipment to route planning. If you haven’t cycled

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Bicycle lying on a gravel path in the forest
Bikepacking & Touring
Stefanie Fritzen

10 tips for your first solo bike ride

How to: The first solo bike ride In this blog post, Stefanie shares her experiences on her first solo bike rides as well as 10 tips on how you can reduce the fear of it

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